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THE END (Students' Short Stories)


Judul THE END (Students' Short Stories)


\Yudho Hadi Kusuma | Salshabila Anggun Pratiwi | Kinanti Nurul Annisa | Gunawan Hariska | Ananda Shafa Salsabila | Mariska Pratiwi | Michelle | M. Rafli Abdi Fadillah | Adisty Joceva Lintang | Devi Afiyah Sekar Damayanti | Ratih Kumalasari Maulida | Erika Putri Adelliya | Witry Haryany | Moch. Doni Aprialdi | Adinda Kirana | Tamara Mulysia

Blurb :

In 2069, the greatest disaster in human and world history occurred; the virus spread across the globe. This virus turned people vicious, and they ate other people to spread the infection. This disaster nearly wiped out an entire human population and infected nearly everyone on the planet.

"In the end, it is not God who destroys the world; it is humans themselves who ruin the world, or perhaps even God must destroy the world because of what humans did," I thought as I gazed at the sky.

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