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I Always Love You

Today, i try to write in English. Just for fun.

When I wake up in the morning, i saw my husband  reading a message in his bbm. He is smiling. I'm curious. What makes him so happy.
Apparently, he was reading a message from a woman. I don't know her.
Suddenly I'm so jealous.
When my husband saw me, he gave a big smile. But I'm to upset.
He said that the woman was a friend at senior high school.
Because it had long been met, so too happy to be able to communicated again.

I don't believe that. I never heard her name before. I think they met in facebook.
I put a frown, and leave him. I also take his gadget.
I read every words in his chat.
I'm very angry.
He called her with "Adek"
And that woman called my husband with "Abang"

I'm a normal woman. I'm jealous.
But my husband try to make my heart calm down.
He bought cold drinks for me.
He said that he love me. Jealousy is not good for our life.
Arggghh. Man always can make a woman's heart full of flower.
He gave me a hug. And of course a kiss.
I always love him, but i can't lie that i'm angry.
Who is that woman?

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