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Smart Girl, the Dream Girl

There was a youngman. He is Arabian, handsome, shalih, and very smart. He wanted to marry with a smart and shalihah woman like him. So, He did a journey from a nomadic tribe to other nomadic tribe to found the dream girl.

Meanwhile he went to nomadic tribe inYaman. On the way, He met a man.

The Youngman greeted,”Hi, Sir! Could you bring me and I bring you?”

Spontanly, the Man Answered,”Hi fool, how you are? I ride a horse and so do you, how we can as bring as together?"

The youngman just silent, heard the answer. Then they continued the journey. When They crossed a village with by ready harest fruit farm around it.

The youngman asked,”What do you think about the fruit? Had the fruit been eaten by owner?”

For a moment, the man answered,”Your question is very odd! You had seen with your eyes those the fruit is still on the tree and be harvested yet. Why you can ask like it?”

The youngman just silent again and didn’t give respons with the man’s statement. Then, they continued the journey again. Just for a few step, they had met people  who was going along a corpse. The youngman asked again to the man,”What do you think about someone in the bier? Had he die or still alive?”

The man answered,”I do not so understand with you. I never meet a more stupid person than you. That’s clearly! The corpse be brought, certainty to be buried. I’m sure he died."

The young man still silent, heard the man statement. Finally, they arrived at the man’s house. He invited the youngman to rest in his house. He felt so pity to him.

  The man had a beauty daughter. When she knew there was a guest in his home, she asked to her father directly,”Who is he?”

“He is most stupid youngman from all youngman who I’d ever found."

She became embiterred. She asked again,”Stupid like how?”

The man then told, how they can meet and all about the youngman, especially about his questions.

Heard her father story, she said,”How dad is? He isn’t stupid. On the contrary  He is smart and clever. His questions had other means. When  he asked,Could you bring me  and I bring you? It’s mean, Do we can chatted. So, we be able to more friendly? When he asked  had the fruits been eaten by  owner? It’s mean, Do the owner had sold before harvest or yet? Because, if the owner had sold it, certainty he received the money for him and his family’s life fee. Then while he asked, had someone in a bier die or alive? It’s means, do the corpse has child whose be able to continuing the sruggle or not?”

After heard it, the man went to the youngman and ask an apologize to him about all of his statement, then they chatting.

The man said,”I just know all of the meaning about your question in our journey now. Then he told like what had been told by his daughter."

Heart it, the youngman said,” I’m sure that  isn’t from your thinkself  and it’s not your said, by Allah, please told me who had say it?”

“It was my daughter said,” answered the man.

Spontanly the youngman said, "Would you marry your daughter with me?”

“Yes”, Answered the man. Finally, after a long long journey, he found his dream soulmate.

(Translated from  a story book with  title ,”Ketika Cinta Berbuah Surga” , Karya Habiburrahman El Shirazi)

- Nomadic tribe : Kabilah                      - Odd          : Aneh
- Meanwhile          : Seketika                    - Going along : Mengiringi
- Ready harvest       : Kebun buah             - A corpse          : Jenazah
  fruit farm          siap panen              - A bier : Keranda
- Embitered        : Penasaran             - On the contrary : Sebaliknya
- Struggle         : Perjuangan

~~~Lelaki baik – baik adalah untuk wanita baik – baik, dan begitu sebaliknya.~~~
~~Sedang lelaki keji adalah untuk wanita keji, dan begitu sebaliknya.~~

AM. Hafs - Karya ini dibuat Pas SMA sekitar tahun 2009

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